ZSL goes York

35 students and 3 teachers went to England to visit York for four days. After a 4-hour bus drive, we took the ferry from Rotterdam to Hull. On our first day, we visited Whitby, a small city at the north coast. From the Whitby Abbey we had a great view over the town. Imagine, it is not that easy to change money when you are not 18! So the teacher had to help out! We experienced the English weather right on our first day. We got soaked.After a short ride with our bus, we arrived at the hostel in York. Right after the check-in we left for a nice walk to downtown York. Here the students had some free-time to explore the city and have some dinner. The shocking news about the Queen’s death stroke us.

The next day we checked out of the hostel and took the bus downtown York again to get to know about the history of chocolate. We had so much fun making our own chocolate lollipops. After we had eaten tons of chocolate, we had lunch in York. Some of us went shopping in the Harry Potter store or bought typically British sweets and souvenirs.
The visit at the railway museum was our last stop before we headed back to Hull to take the ferry to Rotterdam. It was very exciting to travel back in time to see the old trains.
On Saturday afternoon we arrived safe and sound in Langenberg.